Sunday, February 28, 2016


I have to take a step back from the political edge. From the political abyss. I got a reminder that this blog is not just about politics. It first is about God, faith, family, country, and, somewhere a little down the line from there, is politics. Yes, politics is a very deep passion for me. My faith needs to be just as deep, so I would like to say a prayer for all the candidates. This is not a prayer for any of them winning or losing in the primary or general election. This is for their personal self.

I would like to start with the democrats: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I would pray for them, that their hearts and minds would open to God. That if either one says they are a Christian, then they make God Lord of their life and live like it. That they follow the Bible's teachings, and hold themselves accountable.

My prayer for Donald Trump: I pray he actually asks God for forgiveness, because without that I believe you cannot be saved. So Mr. Trump, I pray not only for you to ask God for forgiveness, but for you let him in to your heart and mind. Give God Lordship of your life and live like it.

My next prayer is for Ted Cruz. I believe his heart and mind are already in the right place. So my prayer for him is that God gives strength to him and his family. That God gives him renewing and refreshing every day. I pray that God keeps laying the path before him and gives him the energy, strength, and passion to keep walking it.

Next is Ben Carson and Marco Rubio. I think they have lost their way a little bit. First, with Rubio, I pray for him to get back on track with God. I pray he seeks God's council and wisdom on the issues at hand. I also pray He gives God Lordship over his life and lives like it. I pray for Ben Carson. I pray that politics does not change him because I believe he is a good godly man. I pray for God to give Ben strength to not be enticed by the political elite or political power. To stay true to himself and rely on God for his strength.

My prayer for John Kasich is that he would look to and follow God's teachings. Not just the ones that might be convenient for him. I pray he seeks God for wisdom as he governs his state.

All of these candidates could be great men and women of God if they choose, so let's keep praying for them. I pray blessing over all the candidates.

Now make no mistake, I support Cruz, but this was not about that. This was for me just as much as it was for the candidates. As a Christian, I prayed because I realized I was getting pretty angry. It started as passion, but I realized soon that it had turned to outright anger. I felt true contempt for the other candidates. That isn't how a Christian is supposed to act. So I did what I should've done: I prayed for guidance that I might do the right thing, and that is what this post is all about. I am still going to be passionate, but I will do my best to keep it at passion and not anger. I will point out faults of the candidates and keep to facts with a Christian opinion.