Thursday, February 18, 2016

Donald Trump's Character

Donald is not being totally honest about a lot of things. As I listened to him and watched him speak, I noticed that what he says depends on the crowd, interviewer, or the person he is talking to. He would never say to a Christian crowd that with his presidency, gay equality will move forward, but he would say it to a lesbian interviewer (Click Here For Video Of The Interview). He also said in Iowa that he will expand ethanol subsidies because that is what they want to hear. He tries and fails to quote his favorite Bible verse (Click Here For Article). Another thing that bothers me, is how he acts when he doesn't get his way. He throws tantrums and says, "I'm running 3rd party or I'm going to sue. This is childish. He also likes to run people down by saying really nasty thing about them (Click Here For Video). Finally he was outright dishonest about not supporting an invasion of Iraq after 9/11. Here is the audio Trump On The Howard Stern Show On Sept, 11, 2002. All of this is relevant to his character. It shows he may not be what he says he is.