Friday, December 20, 2013


As a believer I am angered at what is going on in America. Years ago believers were told to just be tolerant and don't hate. Now who needs to be tolerant? Now it seems the left and the left agenda of tolerance and acceptance doesn't give either. I am a christian conservative I follow the Bible and its teachings and they would have you believe I hate and say vile things. I have never personally pushed my beliefs on another person and never will. That does not mean I have to agree with how a homosexual lives. I do believe it is a sin but that is there choice. You see I can say that because this is America just like they can say I hate because I have said it, but to try to silence the opposition altogether is intolerant and that is the opposite of what they preach. I support Phil Robertson in what he said and what he stands for. When a person can't even stand for something or say what they believe, that seems to be against what America stands for. I also will be boycotting A&E because they are not standing for christian or American values which according to the ratings of Duck Dynasty is what the viewers wanted. As an American Believer I will stand up and my voice will be heard.