Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fighting With Your Pocket Book: Boycott To Defend Religious Liberty

It's time we as Christians talk with our wallets. We need to stop buying and stop using any product or service from any company that would deny us our religious liberty. Let's go straight to the bathroom. Now we know by now Target will let any Transgender person use whatever bathroom they want to. The transconfused person may not be the issue, but the pervert acting like a transconfused person is the issue. There is no way to distinguish between the two because this is all based on feelings. Now I'm sure not all transconfused people are bad and not all are good just like every other type of anything on earth. Bad people will use this to hurt innocent people. That is why it is not safe. Let's get back to these companies that do not act on our behalf (Christians) but on the behalf of all things we think are wrong with this world. I know Disney is a big one and as a Christian, I think we should speak with our pocketbooks and boycott these companies like Disney. Here is a quote from Disney about the Georgia religious freedom law:

Disney issued a statement saying, "...we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law."

Now I don't think protecting Christians is discriminating against others. Their statement alone shows they do not hold any values of ours as Christians. We need to withhold our money from them while praying that they change their hearts and minds. They won't discriminate against anyone by letting Christians have their freedom too.

Here is a list of some other companies that we need to watch. I do not know all of the companies, but we should keep our eyes and ears open to learn all we can about which ones we should support and ones we should not support.

Similar sentiments have been voiced by AMC Networks, which films "The Walking Dead" in Georgia, as well a list of other corporations. Viacom, Delta, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Intel and representatives for two of Georgia's sports teams -- The Falcons and The Braves. Paypal also should be boycotted. They are withholding business from North Carolina because of the bathroom bill.

Another big one is the NFL, I am tired of the NFL pushing this agenda. We should seriously consider boycotting them too.

The NFL has also warned the bill's passage could derail Atlanta' s plans to host the Super Bowl as early as 2019.

This is not an easy task, boycotting some of theses stores and businesses. For me, Target is going to be a hard one. I get all my work clothes there and some of my regular clothes there. I also get other oddball stuff from Target that I only like getting from there, but I am not shopping there anymore. I have cut up my Target red card and cancelled it. I am also not giving any money to Disney. This may be the hardest because they own movie brands like Marvel and Star Wars and I love to watch these movies. I will look for another way to watch these without giving money to Disney. 

Good luck to everyone who is talking with your wallet. I will pray for us all and I hope everyone else will do the same. We need to stick together as Christians. Show kindness and love but stand firm in our faith with Christ never forsaking Him.

I would also like to bring Donald Trump into this. Here is his quote:

Here is Ted Cruz to contrast each candidate:

Trump's comments do not align with my Christian faith. Number one, we should not give up our faith or principles at the first sign of financial strife. Just look to the Christian bakers who are suffering and having to pay tens of thousands, if not more, in fines and yet they stand strong. If they went with Trump's policy they would break. Second: he said there has been very little trouble and they should keep it the same; let people go to the bathroom where they FEEL comfortable. Now he shows more of the true Trump. As Christians, is this what we believe in our faith? I would say no. We do not need to hate. We do need to show love but most importantly we need to stand by our faith in Christ in everything we do. I believe Trump only has faith in himself and money. His statements and actions show this to be true.