Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why do Democrats protect the abortion industry at the cost of women and children?

Wow, the dems care so much more about tax payers funding abortion than women and little children being raped. This makes me feel physically ill. War on women just because they have to pay for their own abortion? They still are choosing to have an abortion, just not for free. What about the women and little boys and girls being sold into sex slavery? They have no choice in anything. They are not free; they are slaves. You would think it is more important to save those women and children than to fund abortion with tax payer money. There should be priorities, right? The liberals I know will say it's a women's rights issue. Why don't they include the rights of the women and children being trafficked? What about the peoples' right not to support abortion financially if they are pro-life like I am? It is just absurd that anybody would block legislation on helping women and children sold into sex trafficking. So liberals/democrats see taxpayers paying for abortion is more important than saving women and children from sex slavery.


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